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Mom of a 3 yr 2 m old boy

hi i was cutting my 2 yearold nails it went well but as he is teething and keeps putting finger in his mouth one of his finger nail was chipped from between the nail bed and after cutting his nails he bit his nail bed and the nail chipped off there was a small blood clot but no bleeding as such he is comfortable no pain. any medicine to avoid septic have applied haldi and sarson tel

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Nelofer FernandesMom of a 8 yr 4 m old boy1 Year ago
A. Hi, The child should be fine, these things happen nothing to worry about, turmeric has anti bacterial properties and hence is great for common cuts and bruises. If there is any swelling or infection tomorrow you may consult your paediatrician but since there is no pain the child will be ok.
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