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Father of a 2 yr 6 m old boyNov 11, 2017

Q. Hi, I want to know that if we have missed the Pneumococcal Vaccine & Influenza Vaccine to be done in 6th month. So can we take it next month on 14th weeks vaccination. Is it's necessary to take this vaccine to my child. #Vaccination

AartiMom of a 3 yr 9 m old boyNov 11, 2017
A. yes both are necessary as influenza protects baby from flu like swine flu etc and pneumoniaal protects baby from blood infection and consult your pediatrician and get vaccination now
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 5 yr 11 m old boyNov 11, 2017
A. yes pneumonia vaccination is compulsory.. so please consult the pediatrician immediately.. better not to wait till next vaccination.. you should consult the pediatrician immediately
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