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Mom of a 4 yr 3 m old girl

Q. hi, I have a 2.8 yr old daughter who's is skinny recently dropped her weight due to cold n vomitting. post that she didn't gain weight she is around 12.5 kg . I used to give pediasure once n two times whole milk , in between I stopped pediasure n started Complan. but she frequently has digestive issues . so I thought will go back to pediasure . I have query here ,heard that pediasure causes obese in kids is that true ?

dr. GulnozaMom of 2 children
A. yes, you can grind various nuts and add to the milk.
Author of questionMom of a 4 yr 3 m old girl
A. can we add dates or almond to the milk
dr. GulnozaMom of 2 children
A. it is always better to avoid commercially produced baby food including pediasure, as it contains lots of sugar and artificial additives. it is always better to give baby fresh home made food, you can give milk shake with various seasonal fruits, dry fruits. but at this age give no more than 300 ml of milk a day, if given more baby will not have appetite for other food
SanthoshiiMom of a 2 yr 9 m old girl
A. All drinks even cerelac will. Make babies obese. You can give nuts like almonds, walnut, raisins, apricots. You can add to daily food. Its tastes good and healthy as well. Also give fruits like banana, fig, avocado, mangoes and You can combine two to three fruits add nuts as well. Give milk, curd regularly. panner can also been given frequently if baby is non allergic. Add ghee, butter, olive oil to daily foods. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin also helps in weight gain
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