Mom of a 6 m old girl4 months ago

Q. hi I delivered my baby in May now two months passed but I still look as if I am six month pregnant. I had csection this time it's my third issue previous two were normal deliveries. I dont breastfed my baby. can you help me how can I reduce my belly.

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children4 months ago
A. Hood exercises will be the more natural way to get ur tummy back to form or lose the extra weight . Start with slow pace exercises like walking. Since u had c section after six months, consult with your doctor once and if the doctor confirms the internal stitches should have healed then you can go for ab exercises or yoga like bhujangasana or pavanmukthasana or Surya namaskar. Also take care of your diet. Avoid junk and include healthy fruits and vegetables.
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