Mom of a 4 yr 6 m old girl1 Year ago

Q. Hi, I am Ishaanvi's mother. My daughter is 3 years old and is going through developmental delay. She is lagging behind with her primary motor skills,understanding and speech. She also has low muscle tone,contipation, chewing problem. Recently she has been given a diet plan by her speech therapist. Below are the foods which she needs to avoid. 1. milk and milk products 2. wheat and wheat products 3. apple nd grapes 4. tomatoes 5. preservatives 6. Sugar 7. sea foods I wanted to know what else can I give to my child so that she gets same nutrients as above food items. Also please let me know if she really needs to be on such diet for her development. Thanks in advance.

Swati MMom of a 3 yr 11 m old girl1 Year ago
A. it seems he is in need of proper care of our diet planner please talk to the speech therapist only
Q. Hi, sorry j dont have questions i jus wanna share something with all moms. Many parents are so confused about what food they can give to babies than fruits.So here are some recipies which they can make at home itself which i gave and still giving to my darling baby. 1.1 cup of steamed rice/brown rice 1/4 fried gram grind and store in a air tight container. 2.Vggies like carrot beetroot cabbage broccoli cauliflower beans spinach nd lentils like Greenpea channa whatever u think nutritious. 3.In a pressure cooker add 1spoon gingelly oil(sesame oil) or ghee or coconut oil. 4.Add pinch of turmeric,1spoonful cumins,little curry leaves and coriander leaves, 2 shallots,2garlic,any veggies from above 1cup and 2spoonful of prepared powder which stored in container,half cup or little more than that of water as per your baby's taste consistency. pressure cooker it for 2to3 whistles.let it cool a little,grind it and serve lukewarm. 5.Above 10 months babies add 6 to 7shallots,5to6 garlic,a bit of ginger and above 11 months add 5 to 6 black pepper. Benefits: SESAME OIL antioxidant that protects your baby's heart and reduces the risk of developing cancer, by counteracting the damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin K is also present in sesame oil and babies need adequate amounts for proper blood clotting. GHEE helps in babies growth and development. COCONUT OIL boosts immunity and improves digestion. BROWN RICE loosening up the stools easy to digest lot more health benefits, rejuvenates body,cure to diarrhoea and dysentery. VEGGIES we all know very well about it that it increases nutritional values and decreases the obesity risk, CUMINS increses saliva, enhance appetite, relieves ingestion problem,manages the blood in body and increases haemoglobin in blood,get rid of the constant crying in babies. GARLIC helps in common cold,abdominal pain,gastric problems and it's capable of killing the bacteria in small intestines and colon at the same time it has connecting befits that it's harmless for probiotics which lives in our digestive system. SHALLOTS have anti cancer properties and immune enhancing effects it is acting in natural cancer treatment,reducing food allergies,detoxifying body,and builds immunity. GINGER relieves indigestion problem like nausea,lose of appetite, motion sickness and pain. BLACK PEPPER calms cold,detox skin and preserves foods. CORIANDER LEAVES helps in mouth ulcers, conjuctivitis and indigestion. CURRY LEAVES help in heart functuon better,fights infection,enliven the hair and skin with vitality. Note:Avoid salt till 1year. you can add tomatoes after 1 year. Be happy keep smiling and enjoy motherhood Thank you.☺
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