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Mom of a 3 yr 6 m old boy

hi i am a mother of 2 months baby. After taking a resr at my mother's place. My husband wants me to come at our home so i am moving there on tommorrow. I had c section delivery. At my place i am the only one who is solely going to do all household work & taking care of baby too as my in laws are not capable as much my mother to do so. Please guide me on it & also my schedule of baby has not been fixed yet.I need guidance on do's & dont's regarding household activities after c section.

3 Answers
SowmyaMom of a 5 yr 5 m old girl3 years ago
A. Dont lift heavy weight. Basically pulling, stretching and lifting are not to be done.climate is also cold so make sure you are always warm and keep the baby warm. Avoid cold water how much ever possible. Eat well and eat is priority and everything else can wait. Don't take stress and keep the household work light. Take help. I started all the work in a week's time as i don't have mother and my husband works in a different state and i hadno servants too. So I know completely what it is. You can manage 100% now and then you will need help provided you take care of yrself rest everything will go fine and God's there. All the best.
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Mom of a 1 m old girl
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