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Mom of a 10 m old girl

Q. Hi, Can you suggest good diaper for baby which will not cause any harmful effects or rashes.

Minu PanickerMom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl
A. Youu should try diaper for your baby. because some are happy with pampers some with huggies. you usr any diaper but make sure you change the diaper every 3 hrs for new borns upto one yrs (approximately 6-7 diaper or more should be used) however the best ones are pamper premium and huggies.
sheetalMom of a 2 yr 9 m old boy
A. i have tried almost every brand but the one which i like the most is huggies diaperpants with bubble bed, it doesnt give rashes and very comfortable on my toddler skin.
Pritee TanwarMom of a 4 m old girl
A. change your baby's diaper in every three hours and give some diaper free time. I would recommend Pampers primium series diaper is good. also buy one size large diaper for your baby.
PayalGuardian of 2 children
A. which cream is best for 3 months baby
sweetyMom of a 8 yr 3 m old girl
A. perfume de maintain proper hygiene for the baby any of the diaper will do for the baby just make sure that you are maintaining hygiene for the baby which is
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