Guardian of a 2 m old boy4 weeks ago

Q. Hi as my baby is pooping once in 5 days and he struggles while passing so consulted doctor , he suggested bestozyme drops , 5 drops 2 times a day for one month and he gave esole satche powder to mix in milk and give before feeding for 8 days... is it correct??

ShaistaMom of a 10 yr 8 m old boy4 weeks ago
A. Constipation is quite common in babies. Try doing the cycling type of exercise. Make your baby lay flat on the back and lift the legs and move them like you are pedalling a cycle.  Do this regularly 3-4 times in a day. Massage your baby's tummy clockwise and anticlockwise directions on the stomach a few times during the day. Fold your baby's  legs at the knees and press them towards the stomach a few times in the day. You eat nice fibre rich food and breastfeed your baby well.Eat lots of green leafy vegetables.   Eat pear fruit.
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