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Father of a 5 m old boyFeb 15, 2020

Q. Hello Sir and Madam I am Abhijit, Atharv Father Now he is 6 month, Can we give him Cerelac Stage 1 If any medicine requires for Baby digestion Plz suggest me

ExpertMohammad imranPaediatricianFeb 15, 2020
A. hi parent yes you may give Ceralac rice which is introduced at 6 months you may also give ragi porridge rice khichdi and fruits too. .. . . .. .
Kirti ChandwalkerMom of 2 childrenFeb 15, 2020
A. As baby has completed 6 months of age you can give Cerelac and if you give it in Diluted form then baby will not have any digestion problem along with Cerelac you should give baby water also. But before starting giving you should give baby Dal ka pani and rice water as it will be very easy for baby to digest.
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