Father of a 1 yr 6 m old boy1 Year ago

Q. Hello, my son is 5m old. We are using olive oil for body massage and badam rogan josh for hairs. But his hair growth is very slow and have less hair.. kindly recommend any solution for good hair growth..thanks in advance!

ExpertDr Rashmi SriramDermatologist1 Year ago
A. Hi, applying oil does not make hair grow. It is only to keep hair soft and healthy. Apply coconut oil before bath followed by gentle cleansing with warm water followed by Sebamed shampoo. Healthy diet is important
Author of questionFather of a 1 yr 6 m old boy1 Year ago
A. ok
Prerana NawlakheMom of a 6 yr 1 m old girl1 Year ago
A. Don't comb immidiate after oiling .. even don't comb after immidiate hair wash... It is important to oil hair every day. Regular oiling improves the blood circulation and provides the adequate amount of moisture needed to the scalp and makes the flakes soften and non itchy. i suggest organic and pure coconut oil as the best option for oiling, throughout the year. You may want to use olive oil in winter as coconut oil has cooling properties in Winter cold days. use milk base soap n shampoo only ... use soft brush Don't wash daily... Gently dry it with soft Cotton cloth... Use milk based shampoo... Don't comb unnecessary..
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