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Mom of a 3 yr 3 m old boy

Q. #ParentingClinic hello.. my baby girl is premature she born in 34weeks and her weight was 2kg now she is around 15days but she is still 2kg plzz tell me how long she will take to gaining weight . does any physical or mental issue with premature baby?????

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children
A. After birth, Babies tend to lose the extra fluid during the initial few days which will cause a 5 to 10% drop from the birth weight. After 15 days or so they will start regaining the weight. Your baby should be peeing anywhere between six to ten times a day which means the baby is taking feeds properly. If not, then u should be alert about the weight loss as it cannot be only due to extra fluid loss but the baby is not feeding properly. Have lot of skin to skin sessions with your baby. This is called kangaroo therapy. Both father and mother can do it. This warmth will greatly help to improve baby's weight. Also while breastfeeding, you can feed longer from one side, so that the baby will get the hind milk which comes later and has higher fat content than the foremilk which comes first. For a preemie baby u should track the growth based on the expected due day and not on the original birth date which is premature . Like if a normal baby follows objects and smiles around three months then it may take sometime between four to five months(from the original birth date) for a baby who is two months premature. There will be a two months delay in reaching all the milestones. On a long term it is even advisable to admit such preemie kids in schools based on their expected date of delivery and not on the original premature birth date.
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