Mom of a 2 yr 1 m old girl3 days ago

Q. hello mam my daughter is 2year old. she is suffering to go potty and she dislikes to sit when going to potty.She dislikes to eat food with vegetable and leaf curries .she likes to drink milk only even she does not eat fruits also I consulted so many doctors but the motion problem is not solved .please suggest me what I have to do

ExpertShyamala SathiaseelanLactation Educator and Counselor3 days ago
A. Dear Mamma, if you are giving cow's milk, then it should not be more than 350 ml or one and a half glasses a day. cow's milk can also cause constipation. Please do not use bottles too. if you are Breastfeeding then please continue with that. Please give prunes, papaya, plums, pears and raisins. let baby run around and get some fresh air. plenty of water is a myst
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