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Guardian of a 5 m old boyDec 04, 2019

Q. Hello mam ,my baby boy is 2 month 26 days old and suffering from cold n cough so what would be the home remedies to heal it?

ExpertDr Arti SharmaPaediatricianDec 04, 2019
A. Hello giving indirect steam that helps in reducing chest Congestion giving exclusive breastfeeding it provides antibodies to fight against Infections a Physical examination is absolutely necessary for appropriate diagnosis and treatment
Sneha PuruswaniMom of 2 childrenDec 04, 2019
A. Give indirect steam to the baby. Use saline nasal drops. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the clothes pillow. Roast 2 to 3 garlic pods and a few pinches of ajwain till aroma spreads cool the mixture make a potli and keep it near the baby. Keep the baby clean and hygienic warm and ears covered
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