Mom of 2 children4 weeks ago

Q. Hello Ma’am I want your help to reduce my belly fat. I got operated on 1 August and delivered a baby and this is my second delivery 1st done last year. But now it’s been more than 3 months and I still look like a 9 month pregnant women, hoe you to get back in shape, can not diet as I breastfeed my baby. Plz suggest

SarikaMom of 2 children4 weeks ago
A. Hello mam, start with the exercise. Do yoga. Surya namaskar, prnayaam will help to reduce belly fat. Avoid eating rice and potatoes as they lead to weight gain. U can also do cycling jogging after four five months of delivery. Have dinner two hours before bedtime. Eat light meal in dinner like veggies sprouts soup fruits etc.
neelamaMom of a 3 yr 11 m old girl4 weeks ago
A. quite natural thing and it will take some time you should start doing some regular workout you should start doing some cycling exercises and it will be better if you try to check with some
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