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Mom of a 2 yr 8 m old boy

Q. hello I m blessed with baby boy he is 3 mnths.. during first month there was a red spot just a small dot which is increasing a bit now it's double of that dot have consulted with my doc she said it will fade away it's a blood clot.. but I am worried hope it doesn't increase can NY one help

Author of questionMom of a 2 yr 8 m old boy
A. thank you so much but it's nt pimple it's as if inside the skin tissue
Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr 2 m old child
A. Hello....Is the red pimple like thin increasing and filled with ous too....don not disturbed it...never try to touch it it will go away itself as suggested by doctor...but you can even ask for doctor if you can apply some cream over the area infected.....aloe derm is a good option...also avoid using soap....I would suggest you use raw milk a natural cleanser instead
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