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Mom of 2 childrenSep 19, 2017

Q. hello., how to take care of my skin., am hving fully stretch marks on my tummy hw to reduced and I hv inner thigh itching from 8th month pregnancy wat is the reason...

Author of questionMom of 2 childrenSep 19, 2017
A. thank you
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 5 yr 11 m old boySep 19, 2017
A. Stretch mark cannot be remove completely without the dermatologist procedure.. but you can reduce them.. drink a lot of healthy fluids.. eat balanced diet... keep your skin hydrated.. apply aloe Vera gel, coco butter cream, coconut oil , vitamin E oil, on the affected area regularly There are many specific creams like stretch nil, bio oil, Palmer's, etc available in the market for the stretch marks, you can also apply them
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