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Guardian of a 4 yr 6 m old girl

Q. #asktheexpert Hello doctors my child's eyesight is very weak what can I do for her the doctor advised me for spects but she can't carry that

Author of questionGuardian of a 4 yr 6 m old girl
A. Thanks Shilpi Mam
shilpiMom of 2 children
A. hello there I know it's very difficult but in that case he have to wear specs along with that you can take some precautions and do home remedy like give carrot juice to the child as much as you can it is really really very effective along with that take Kuja Mishri black pepper and Almonds in the equal quantity grind that in the powder form give this powder onc spoon daily to the child with warm milk night time for 40 days and after that do not give water or anything else to eat for at least half an hour
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