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Mom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl

Hello doctor My kids are 18 months. They are still having MIXER GRINDED food. I have tried feeding them normal food or mashed food but they vomit everytime i feed them. I make them sit bear me when i am eating so that they learn but still no result. I am extremely worried.

1 Answer
ExpertVandana SharmaNutritionist10 months ago
A. hello mom the habit building in children is a tough task , you have to get firm with them at times as the more late you do the more difficult it gets . Give them some finger foods such as juicy fruit pieces or makhanas , vegetable such as cucumber and carrots etc some crackers or dry fruit according to their teething development so that they know when they chew what happens . Also some bite size rotis or puri or idli , cut into softener shapes and sizes . Have a play and try it out
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