Mom of a 1 yr 6 m old girl

Q. #AskTheExpert #ParentingClinic hello doctor My baby is suffering from cold and cough since 1month....suffering from running nose all the day. please give me the solution

ExpertDr.Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist
A. hi , warm turmeric milk, warm water, licorice in honey will help. give adequate rest. maintain hygiene. handwashing is extremely important,. child might lose appetite, so give easy to digest foods in small portions. give fruits, sheera , kheer , add ghee to maintain calorie intake. if no iMprovement, or Vomitting with coughing , consult doctor . .
SanthoshiMom of a 2 yr 4 m old girl
A. Hello goodmorning! you may can try with saline drops as it's quite effective. steaming will also give instant relief. Keep baby hydrated. Keep your baby's head high for better breathing. You may warm some coocnut oil add some tulsi leaves and apply to baby's chest and sole for relief. You may alos apply warm mustard oil infused with sole garlic pods. Alo'g Ith it it's good to give medicines too.
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