Mom of a 1 yr 6 m old boy2 weeks ago

Q. hello doctor, My baby all of a sudden stopped breastfeeding when he is 11 month old. He is 17 months old now, I am giving him top feed but he is doing motion 2-4 times a day. Do I have to worry and how do I start brestfeeding again or do it possible now?

Author of questionMom of a 1 yr 6 m old boy2 weeks ago
A. Thank you mam. As it is said that mother's milk is best as longer as possible this is the reason I wanted to start. But now it's a big task for me to do it again.
Soyal MaheshwariMom of 3 children2 weeks ago
A. Hi. If your baby left feed on his own, it clearly means he was ready to wean off. Why do you want to start it all over again for such a grown up baby now? You've fed him your milk when it was required the most. 2-4 motions in a day is perfectly normal. Don't worry.
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