Mom of a 2 yr 6 m old boy

Q. Hello Doctor, I recently delivered my second kid-baby girl (2 months 18 days). I had normal deliveries . For family planning , which option is better - me going for tubectomy or my husband going for option.? which is better for us ?

ExpertDr Laxmi Chavan-SawantAyurvedic Gynaecologist
A. Anyone can do. Its your choice totally. Theres no problem in anyone. Both are the best option for contraceptive method.. But since your baby is too small, would suggest try for cuT for few years ahead. Then go for operative option.
Sowmya RameshMom of a 5 yr 10 m old girl
A. hi actually it completely depends on you as a partners so try taking directly advice from your gynanicologist doctor once and opt what is better for you people so think and decid
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