Father of a 4 yr 8 m old boy

Q. hello doctor, I am second time pregnant and my weight is 90kg... could you please suggest me good diet plan which can control my weight and sugar along with good nutrition and vitamins for healthy pregnancy

SanthoshiMom of a 2 yr 8 m old girl
A. Walking is the best way and easy way to lose weight. Doing household works and moving within home is the best you can do. Daily 20 mins of walk can you help you in a great way. You can do surya namaskara, peranayam yoga if you wish to do it. it's highly beneficial and easy yoga as well. If no time to exercises then check your diet. Try to Avoid salty sugary foods. Avoid junk. Eat in smaller portions. Breastfeeding is still the best you can just feed your baby and burn so much calories. have jeera water daily you will notice good weight loss results . Avoid snacks and replace with fruits. Have brown rice and not white rice. If having juice have it plain or with salt and pepper. Feeding mom should never be in diet. So try to have a balanced and healthy diet. Have more fruits and vegetables. These are few that can help.
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