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Guardian of a 9 m old boy

he has born pre mature st 27weeks so how vaccinations will go and expected date was 24sep and he born on 30 June #Vaccination

1 Answer
ExpertDr. Vaibhav jainPaediatrician6 months ago
A. u have to consult dr in person acc to wt birth vaccine are started moatly willl be acc to chart only . Vaccine provide much needed immunity to baby All vaccines in schedule are important U cannot Miss/skip any vaccine Vaccine schedule is govt and private schedule has extra vaccines like Flu etc which are also imprtant. U can contact your pediatrician for the vaccines at this age to b give to ur baby. Even in Covid 19 scare you shud take all precautions n get ur baby vaccinated as Covid is not leaving us soon. If vaccine is not available in govt or out of stock so u hav the option of taking it in pvt setup also
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