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Mom of a 5 yr 5 m old boy

having severe dandruff n hair fall n also getting acne because of that.. please suggest solution for that

2 Answers
Bhurabi BharaliMom of a 7 yr 1 m old boy3 years ago
A. For dandruff... you should apply tea tree oil massage... apply lemon on the scalp regularly... after washing the hair.. rinse the hairs with lemon juice mix with water... use a good dandruff shampoo... for hair fall oil massage regularly your hair.. preferably warm coconut oil with crushed garlic in it (heat oil with garlic in it and let it cool down to Luke warm temperature before applying) and let it stay for half hour before washing your hair.. give steam to the hair once in a fortnight Apply onion juice in the scalp daily... You can use almond oil too. . It is good for hair growth... Wash your hair with mild shampoo.. apply mehendi , it's a very good conditioner... mix it with lemon and tea and fengureek seed and amla powder... apply curd while washing the hair... It is a very good conditioner.. Take a iron and protein rich food.. Add omega 3, vitamin C , B7 and A E rich food..(these helps in stop the hair fall and increase their root strength and encourage new hair growth)... Add almonds, avacado,oats, dates, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, sweet potato, Citrus fruits, guava, peppers, etc to the diet.. You can also apply egg on your hair.. It is very good for hair fall but it is stinky.. It leaves smell in the hair...
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