Father of a 1 yr 8 m old boy1 Year ago

Q. #AskTheExperts Hai , this is query relating to my baby boy ( thaswik) now he is 8 months old , and 7.06 kgs only and looking short !! is this good weight for his age ?? I am worrying his height ! can you suggest which type of food is good for him? we already habituate him apple plup , and recently started nestum vegetable flavour with pedatriate suggestion !! and one more thing which is very common concern about his hair it is very low ! as per as jeans concern in my family every body have good and healthy hair I don't know why thaswik doest have this!!

ExpertDr. Khushboo ThakkerNutritionist1 Year ago
A. As long as the child is active and healthy do not worry much. Just feed the baby well. Hair growth will happen slowly too.
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