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Mom of a 3 yr 11 m old girl

good morning sir my baby is born prematurely due to some complications and her birth weight is 1.75 KGS only. now she is 9 1/2 months old and her weight is 6.4 KGS and height is 62 cms but she is not sitting on her own and not saying any words like thatha, attha. sir wat is the correct height and weight for her age and when she sits and talks on her own?

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Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children3 years ago
A. Usually babies sit around four to seven months. By eight months most if them would be able to sit without support for few minutes. But this is not a definite rule and some babies can have a delay in reaching milestone. This doesn't necessarily mean any problem. Your baby should get her muscles strong enough to balance herself and it could differ with each baby. So keep encouraging her to sit by keeping pillows on her sides. She should be sitting soon. Babies talk around 18 months. They will be able to say simple words, point to objects and call their name. For a preemie baby u should track the growth based on the expected due day and not on the original birth date which is premature . Like if a normal baby follows objects and smiles around three months then it may take sometime between four to five months(from the original birth date) for a baby who is two months premature. There will be a two months delay in reaching all the milestones.
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