Mom of a 1 yr 11 m old girl

Q. Good Morning, my baby is 6months old, I started solids like ripe banana and rice, uradal, mung dal pury one spoon a day. she is not going to motion for a week. that too very tight motion she is going. is there any problem.. some times she used to cry ... please help me..

Author of questionMom of a 1 yr 11 m old girl
A. thank you nitika ji n Neha ji
Author of questionMom of a 1 yr 11 m old girl
A. thank you doctor breast milk only
ExpertDr. Swapnil SaxenaAyurvedic Physician
A. hello introduce one food item ata time and see how well it is tolerated by the baby. give some water after semi solid and solid meals. breast feed well or give formula milk..whichever is suitable for you..keep the diet fibre rich ..instead of juives give puree pr mashed fruits keep baby well hydrated. give sufficient tummy time to the baby and do cycling motion of legs..this will help
Nitika Dhingra Rawal Dhingra RawalMom of a 4 yr 1 m old boy
A. Hello dear Yes it happens..Give fruits specially prunes or allu bukhra..Give lots of fluids like coconut water, sweet lime, buttermilk..
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