Guardian of a 3 yr old boy

Q. every month after the menses, there is redness in the thigh region for a few more days. also much itching is there & that also sometimes I become restless due to it. Please suggest that what should I do to avoid this ?

anuMom of a 2 yr 9 m old girl
A. Wash area with hot water daily.. also buy vwash amd use it.. i had it earlier n i hot relievd now
Author of questionGuardian of a 3 yr old boy
A. thanks nikitha
Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr 1 m old child
A. could be allergic reaction....or it could be some dermatitis ....better to check with doctor to know what exactly it is and get proper medicine if it is repeated every month.....also get you blood checked if required
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