Mom of a 1 yr 8 m old boy

Q. #AskTheExpert Hi dr my baby is 14 months old and his weight is only 8.5 kg allthough he is active. he is not ready to eat any healthy foods. what can i do to increase his weight..plz suggest....

sonalMom of a 3 yr old boy
A. as long as your baby is healthy and active, you don't need to worry about weight. as for healthy food is concerned, keep offering him variety and stop bringing junk food like chips chocolates biscuits etc at home. if they are not there he will not ask and even if he asks you won't be able to give in to his demands
NihitaMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy
A. you need to give you a very small meals of regular intervals apart from that it can also give a baby natural appetizers which will help to the appetite of the baby including ajwain water fresh lime juice
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