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Mom of a 8 m old girlOct 06, 2019

Q. Dear All, Now baby is at 4th month.. I have noticed for few days that she is not sleeping properly in whole day even after tummy is full... she would sleep maximum half an hour and then she woke up... I tried many things like during night will switch off the lights without noise... after feeding will burp her.. will make her to sleep... often I will check her diaper ... everything I will check... when I keep baby down on bed immediately she will wake up and cry .. even though if she is not hungry she needs my nipple to sleep...due to these reasons I'm unable to sleep or take rest properly... I'm working I feel so tired when I go to office... what will be the reason for not sleeping?? any solution or tips to sleep

ExpertShyamala SathiaseelanLactation Educator and CounselorOct 06, 2019
A. Dear Mamma, At four months they go through sleep regression and that us Normal and just a phase. Things will sureky get better I can promise you. be rest assured.
shruti mangla gandhiMom of a 3 yr 1 m old boyOct 06, 2019
A. hello, this is very common among such young babies. they need their moms breast to feed as well to soothe themselves. they feel safe and comforted. You could feed her while lying down on the bed. this is the most comfortable position for mom and the baby too
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