Mom of a 7 m old girl2 months ago

Q. can I eat pista faluda during bf

Expertdr Komal agrawal Paediatrician2 months ago
A. Hello..yes you can definately..there is no problem if you drink pista milk.. if you keep having food of your choice you will be happy and stress will have good milk good have whatever you drink as much as you like
ExpertDr BandanaAyurvedic Physician2 months ago
A. Yes, you can in moderation. First of all, you should give your body ample time to come back to normal. Take good rest, avoid stress, eat nutritious and balanced diet. Prefer home cooked foods. Include nuts, seeds, all seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables, lentils in your diet. Drink plenty of fluid. Drink 3 glasses of milk in a day. Take your calcium and iron supplements regularly for 3 months.
Swati Chowdhary MadanMom of a 2 yr 11 m old girl2 months ago
A. definitely you can have it and it is advisable to take in a small quantities you can have everything just do not over do with any food for yourself
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