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Mom of a 11 m old boy

Q. #ParentingClinic #Undigestfood my boy is 6 months old I'm feeding him Banana, Apple and Curd from 5th month but food comes out undigest in stool and there is no weight gain from 1 month...what should i do to make him digest food?

Author of questionMom of a 11 m old boy
A. I'm giving him all this in puree form but still it comes out undigest
shilpiMom of 2 children
A. hello dear try to give food in puree form As your baby has completed 6 months you can start with Semi solid diet which is very light and easy to digest you can start with moong ki daal ka pani dal rice Suji ki Kheer custard porridge mashed potatoes mashed fruits
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