Mom of a 8 m old girl2 months ago

Q. #asktoexpert#my baby is turns 6.5month on 15oct & her weight is 6.8 nw I'm lil bit worry about weight.plz suggest is it fine or not...? & is saboodana safe to give to baby?

Swati Chowdhary MadanMom of a 2 yr 11 m old girl2 months ago
A. weight of the baby is perfect and within the range so nothing to be worried about the weight of the baby depending upon the birth weight you baby should be double the birth weight
ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician2 months ago
A. Go slowly Exclusive breast feed ur baby till 6months of age After 6months of age u can start with  dal rice water, Moong dal puree Rice kanji Spinach and dal mash Tomato soup mashed fruit Apple puree Bloiled mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes Add 1item every 3rd day Give 2-3 serve in a day time Continue breast feed as a main source of food till 9 months of age.
NihitaMom of a 1 yr old boy2 months ago
A. Hello and good afternoon as you know that every child is different and therefore the weight range is also different however usually a child who has completed 6 month should be anywhere in the range of 6-7 kg so your baby's weight is perfect
ExpertDr. Pandurang sawantPaediatrician2 months ago
A. If baby is active playful then no need to worry Baby gain weight 200 gms per week for first 3months of age Baby doubles of it's birth weight  at 5.5 months of age and triple at 1yrs of age. At 1yr weight should be 9-11 kg At 2yr 10-12 kg And at 3 yrs 12-13 kg Height baby gain height 4cms per months for first 3months and thereafter 2 cms per months till 6months of age. Baby may achieve height 73 -76 cms at 1yrs of age and 85-88 cms at 2yrs of age. 
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