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Mom of 2 children

#AskTheExperts hello doctor please suggest how to increase baby learning skills cognitive skills in home with less expensive things ND toys as not everyone is capable to buy different kinds of toys and stuff for their babies so that many people can be beneficiate tia

1 Answer
ExpertKuhoo (The K Junction)Early Childhood Educator2 years ago
A. babies don't need toys to learn. it is the advertising market that has made is to believe it. all that kids need is love warmth of parents and stimulation of their senses. it can be done with stuff at home. 5 senses are eyes - show them nice pictures, let them see the world around them, there is so much to see and assimilate ears - sing to him, laugh to him, play music to him, take him outdoors to let him listen to the birds sing, listen to the trees sway, dogs bark touch - give them different textures to touch and experiences. indoors can be different kinds of clothes, veggies, fruits, furniture, utensils etc etc. outdoors can be grass sand plants etc nose - let them smell the grass, trees,soil, air, kitchen masalas ... everything stimulates the nose taste - give them variety of food to taste apart from this, invest in open ended toys like building blocks that will become a new toy every time they play with it. involve in daily chores to develop their motor skills like helping in kitchen, laundry, folding clothes etc... obviously depending upon their interest and age
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