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Mom of a 8 m old girl

#AskTheExpert sir my father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister have been found corona positive. We were all living in the same house. I was negative and I am moving to other place for now. But the baby has been constantly in touch with my sister and mother-in-law until now for things like changing diapers, bath and massage etc. Please let me know what would you suggest further in this case now. baby is 15 days old and suffering from loose motion past 4 days and we are giving her colicaid for that. from yesterday she is having temp-yesterday 100.4 for that we giving her calpol now her temp is 98.6 as anew parents we are little worried about her. from yesterday is less active

2 Answers
ExpertDr Mahesh PatilPaediatrician7 months ago
A. Hello, your baby girl is newborn just 15 days old and if she is having loose motions then feed her frequent breast milk and give her lactobacillus sachets two time a day for three days
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