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Mom of a 3 yr 7 m old girl

#AskTheExpert my pre pregnancy weight was 51 kg nd my height is 5 feet. now my weight is 58 kg after 9 months of delivery...m nt able to reduce mummy tummy....please suggest me smthng abt it....m working mum nd timing is 9 to 5

4 Answers
ExpertDr Laxmi Chavan-SawantAyurvedic Gynaecologist 2 years ago
A. Don't worry for tummy It will take time to decrease size. Give more attention to feeding and diet part. Start yoga and mild exercise at home only. heavy exercises like jumping or skipping. Take proper balanced diet You should require 550 kcal more than normal non lactating mother Hence take all types of food item eat all types of fruits and fruit juices including seasonal Fruits also like mango Eat all green vegetables in diet Drink plenty of water
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