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Mom of a 3 yr 3 m old girl

#AskTheExpert My kid is 2y5month. She is regecting most of food i oferer to her than eating just some kind. She even doesn t try, when she does she spit all out. What can i do to emprove her behave n her eating ?

1 Answer
SowmyaMom of a 7 yr 2 m old girl10 months ago
A. I actually don't force the baby it is quite normal once the season changes weather changes the food habits also will change once in a time they will have the food very nicely once they will reject food just right to change the food routine make some like those hours in a small small size which makes the baby attractive and rolls kind of things at home only you can make french fries those kind of things you can make and attract the baby and encourage your baby to have food
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