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Father of a 7 m old boy

#AskTheExpert my baby was born @ 7 months only, he is a pre- mature baby, today is the 13th day of his birth but unfortunately i can't take him home as he is in NICU for 13 days, his weight was 1.5 kg @ the time of birth, according to the doctors he didn't look like a pre mature as the other 9 months old baby are quite same in measures with my baby,i have attached some photos please go through the attachment and suggest.

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Rashmi GuptaMom of a 6 yr 7 m old girl7 months ago
A. Hello mam please don’t worry I wish our child speedy recovery from the NICU ward. And yes I would completely agree with the doctors that your child absolutely doesn’t look like a seven-month-old child your child looks completely like a full nine months old child so please don’t worry about it your child is just going to be out very soon and please do follow whatever instructions or precautions your doctor suggest you as your child is premature and you are well aware of it so that your child takes a healthy growth with time
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