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Mom of a 4 yr 11 m old girl

#AskTheExpert My baby girl is 3 yrs 7 month old. Her weight is 13.6 kg and height 86 cm. How to increase her height and weight. please help me.

1 Answer
Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children1 Year ago
A. You can add full cream cows milk, eggs, meat if non vegetarian, potatoes and all diary products like butter, curd, ghee, cheese, paneer etc. Add dry fruits and nuts like almonds, pistachios, cashew, walnut, fig, dates in the child's regular diet. They will help to increase weight. Height mainly depends on genes. For height once the kid is old enough you can encourage her to play basket ball or any sport where she can hop often. Include nutritious vegetables and fruits, pulses, nuts and dry fruits in her regular diet.
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