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Father of a 7 yr 6 m old boy

#AskTheExpert How to develop fine motor skills of toddler??

3 Answers
ExpertNeha KhannaEarly Childhood Educator2 years ago
A. Thanks for your Question. Following activities help five motor and logic development 1. Opening and closing lids 2. putting things in a container 3 . Puzzles - knob and two piece puzzles 4. Sorting -- you can mix two pulses or dals ( say - kabuli chana and black chana ) and ask her to sort , colour sorting 5. Threading 6. Colouring - crayons , watercolours 7. Lot of practical life activities - loading and unloading washing machine , drying clothes , asking to put clothes into laundry bag , watwring plants , folding clothes , filling items into box , peeling banana -orange peel , separating pomogranate pearls , separating pea from pea pod etc 8. Remove the lids of bottles and ask kid to place it into appropriate bottles 9. Play dough - I use chapati dough. You can place straw in chapati dough and ask kid to place pasta or rubber bands into straw 10. Magnets and iron materials like coins , pins etc ( should be under supervision) 11. Activities using bubble wrap - stick it on floor and ask your kid to walk or run on that , ask to press etc 12. Toys - stacking toy , Russian doll , building blocks , nesting eggs , nuts and bolts 13. Stick cello tape on the floor and ask your kid to remove it 14. Opening and closing of zip ( bag , purse etc) 15. Transferring activity - transferring water from one tumbler to another( tumblers of same size ,tumblers with different sizes say big and small) transferring pulses and dals using spoon , laddle etc
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