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Mom of a 5 yr 4 m old boy

#AskTheExpert Hello, my child will be turning three in December. His sitting tolerance is less as per his age. He doesn't pay attention to things unless he is interested. At this at fine motor skills development is very much nesseary. Also his speech has not developed yet. He is playful and cheerful,but need to improve his fine motors, and learning skill, pre writing skill. He has only achieved milestones cognitive uptill 2 years and rest are 1.5 to 2 years. How to improve him and make him more focus and increase his learning ability so that speech can also provide developed . please give e other tips as nesseccary

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rukmani kanoujiaMom of 3 children2 years ago
A. same problem with my child he is now 24month old I consulted to Dr he told me may b autism but not sure becoz he told me I can't make sure when ur baby will be 3 year old he suggests me go for occupational therapy and speech therapy what should I do plz help me I m very worried
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