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Guardian of a 6 m old boy
8 Answers
Malini AshokMom of a 5 m old boy1 week ago
A. Correct your feeding position or try to insert your nipple along with areola part to babies mouth.Latching correction will reduce ur pain.
AmgithaMom of a 5 m old girl1 month ago
A. Mother's milk is the best food for a healthy baby.No formula food can be as healthy as mother's milk.U feel pain if u do not hold the baby in correct posture.Baby should be held in such a way his/her chest and body aligned with our chest
Swetaleena BiswalMom of a 6 m old boy2 months ago
A. for nipple pain my gynecologist advised me to apply nipcare ointment
GeorginaMom of a 6 m old boy2 months ago
A. you can apply nipple cream post feeding. I used mom and co. nipple butter. very effective. also check if you are latching properly
SirishaMom of a 5 m old boy2 months ago
A. hi madam , I don't have milk so using formula milk . can i give cow milk to 3 months old baby boy .
Karishma RoyGuardian of 2 children3 months ago
A. You can give formula milk as well as breastfeed is must to increase ur bm try to breast pump it wil increase intake more jeera it will increase ur bm
Vreeti Mohit PopliMom of a 5 m old girl3 months ago
A. yes I want to ask the same as I have tried everything to increase bm but nothing happened
ExpertDr.Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist4 months ago
A. give expressed milk check the latching technique,  baby's lips should be flanged out. most of the  areaola should be in baby's mouth.   it should not hurt. it should just feel like tugging. gently put little finger from baby corner of the mouth, unlatch , then latch again. sore nipples are common initially, apply breast milk on them and air dry, gradually it will recover. still if feeding doesn't establish properly, consult your paediatrician.
Mom of a 1 m old girl
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