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Firstcry User I'm a mom of 11 month kid.. At the initial stages of my pregnancy, i had gained a lot of weight. my mom in law used to check my weight and BP weekly when i got pregnant. n no, she's not a doctor...she just knows stuff and tries it out. i thought she was the best mom in law thinking that she's gonna take care of me... then, she suggested me to eat less. coz of my weight... she thought I ate more and that's why i had gained weight.. I never shared this with anyone. not even with my parents. when I was around 7 months pregnant, I had gotten thin as hell with just my belly protruding out coz ofcourse, i was pregnant. Relatives asked me if I had been well or not. but when the doctor said that my baby's weight wasn't much, that's when I decided, to hell with everyone else and my mom in law... I'll do what the doctor suggests. soon my parents shifted to this city where i now lived, just for my sake and to take care of me and my baby. i started eating well again. I stayed for 2 and half months only after my baby was born. My mom in law wanted me home within a month itself... n told this through my husband.. my parents requested for another week more but thanks to Corona, i could stay for another one and half month. after that, when i went to my in law's house...things started to get on my nerves. my husband saw to all the stupid things his mother did and how she made me cry and was so rude to me and my baby, that he decided to leave the house for our sake. Now, we live in a rented house but my husband is the happiest! n so am I. even though I am struggling and i have no help. i teach online, taking care of house and my baby as well as am studying for doctorate as but he helps a lot, as much as he can. COVID helped me in some ways that no one else could. it kept us all home and together. we both work from home now and I just hope that we stay well and happy together. financially it's been a bit heavy on us coz of COVID but, this is what life is all about I and downs. I have a hope that we'll manage and we'll do good.