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This Independence day Let's come together & share all those little things from which you want FREEDOM! Be it Mehngai,Customer Care calls, Over-Dramatic Serials, Hairfall, Traffic Jams or Subh ki Alarm. Tell us what is the one thing you want Freedom from in the comments below!
Dolly Pareekh Mom of a 9 m old girl 1 week ago
Azadi" azad raho(jiyo) aur azad karo(allow everyone to live up with their own thought,priority,concern)nobody should sleep with heavy heart....i m free soul....may god bless ol with d same.
shraddha dagwal Mom of a 3 m old boy 1 week ago
I want azadi from bahu & beti comparison bcoz it's not possible for in laws that they treat us like their daughter
Deepali Vats Mom of a 4 yr 8 m old girl 1 week ago
I want Azadi from eve teasing, women harassment and fear of going out.
gopi Father of 2 children 4 days ago
badhe hua weight and hair fall se
Nikki Bansal Expecting Mom due in 2 months 1 week ago
Azadi from doing daily routine work . (need a break !)
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RAhul Merawat 1 week ago
In reply to Renu Garg
aj khane me kya bnau
dal bati
Renu Garg Mom of a 8 m old boy 1 week ago
aj khane me kya bnau
Mushhala Mom of a 2 m old girl 1 week ago
Bad the weight aur hair fall Se
fariya naaz Mom of a 1 yr 7 m old boy 1 week ago
ghar ke kaamo se