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B BrahmaMom of a 4 m old girl6 days ago
My biggest challenge was having flat nipples because of which the baby could not latch on.The first week I really thought I was producing enough to satiate my baby but only when she started loosing weight did I realise I wasn’t producing enough.I did not have the luxury nor the patience to wait for the herbs and laddos to start kicking-in.On the advice of my Doctor,I opted to go for top-up.It did make me feel mother’s guilt but when I looked at my well fed and happy baby,it was worth it.Afterall,as they say Fed is good
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Samreen FatimaMom of 2 children6 days ago
Wow! this question reminds me of the days with my first child who was in NICU for 4 days after her birth. it was hard to be away from my baby and when i got her back the only thing i focused on was to breastfeed her. My supply was completly low.We both went through lots of disturbed nights.geting her the correct latch was difficult.inspite of all that troubles my baby and me never gave up:) everything got better with time :)
K sophiya begumMom of a 4 m old girl1 week ago
first 1 week my baby is very much crying and not sukking breastfeeding.. breastfeeding is big challenge in all mother's in a day.. breastfeeding is most important and good health for all baby's
Community User1 week ago
Breast feeding is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced in my life. But the feeling which I felt when my baby was fed after delivery has got to be one of the most beautiful moments of my life which can’t be forgotten. Everyday when I hold my little one it feels surreal. But It is little hard at times during feeding when a mom is not in the mood or is feeling tired and sometimes sick, either thorogh direct feeding or expressed through pump. And the time when my baby started showing colic symptoms, I researched and found some reviews about the Avent colic bottles and immediately ordered one and started using it once a day. Through which my baby’s colic gone down and he seems a less gassy these days. All over breast feeding is the most beautiful and most exhausting part of life which I’ll be glad to carry on my journey of parenthood.
Pritha SantraMom of a 4 yr 7 m old girl1 week ago
It was lovely experience with my beautiful precious one from the birth time. We both mamma and child jodi were selected as the demonstrator for the other new mothers in the hospital. It was an important supplement for my baby's growth till she becomes 3.
sitara paswan Mom of 4 children1 week ago
1)mera jab phela delivery hua tab mera brest feeding achha tha aur over bhi hota to maine brest pump ka use karke feeding bottle me dala 🍼 2.) mere suru me milk nahi ho raha tha to brest feeding karwate waqt baby bhut roti thi to maine haldi Wale dhoodh piye aur gond ke laddu khaye jisse mera brest feeding achhe se ho paya 3) mai brest feeding ke baad ajwayen boil water use karti thi taki baby achhe se pcha paye uske baad sidha god me lekar halke hatho se sahla taki baby dkar le paye jaruri hota hai warna baby dhoodh nahi pcha pata
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Sweetha KamalMom of a 1 yr 2 m old girl1 week ago
Last year delivered my 1st baby ..ofcourse breast feeding is the biggest challenges. From the first one month faces low milk supply sometimes we gave formula milk using avnet bottle because its like breastfeed our pediatrician suggest to improve tha latching in baby so we used it .After next month onwards with proper diet and relaxation without stress my breast milk has been increased. my biggest support is my family to take care of my little one.Now my baby is 14 months still feeding and i happy about it. Enjoying my breastfeeding days....
Soni GuptaMom of 2 children1 week ago
my first delivery was normal and everything was good. milk supply was good and the baby alright but when I delivered my second child, the baby swallowed the water during delivery as I was having a heavy water leakage during labour. My baby was shifted to NICU immediately. I even didn't feed him after delivery for more than 48 hours. it was very difficult for me to handle my emotions as I was feeling so much pain for my baby and after 48 hours of NICU my baby was diagnosed with jaundice so for next 24 hours he was kept in NICU again. I don't know how to express my feelings, but it broke me my milk supply was not started yet . this was really painful to a mother for not breastfeed his newborn baby.
Toral shahMom of a 2 m old boy1 week ago
Having a sudden delivery due to high bp and a preterm baby with low birth weight had a huge huge impact on my breastmilk. The stress of having my baby away at NICU lowered my breastmilk but once i had a baby in hand it did get better but the worry that is my baby doing well and is he gaining weight again impacted the milk but with my husband and my parents support i overcame it and here i am with a healthy baby!
SmileenMom of 2 children2 weeks ago
My first baby had production of low milk. I feel bad on that time. Second baby had production of high milk. sometimes over flow... But enjoying motherhood and little difficult to go out.
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