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JyothiMom of 3 children1 month ago
intial stage my baby not drinking much milk and also while she is sucking felt severe pain but as a mother I felt happy in that pain too as my baby is having enough milk what ahe wants
Barkha SachdevMom of a 3 yr 8 m old boy2 months ago
1st week my baby can't breastfeed that's very challenging
samyukthaMom of a 6 m old girl2 months ago
I am not successful at the breastfeeding journey but I am trying to know that after four days of c section delivery starting producing milk in my body but nipples shape was not well after dr suggest nipples shield for shaper producing mill. two months morning time breastfeeding, night time formula milk but after that i am trying for a milk " drink a lot of water, and confidence " still I am giving breast milk for my baby' Also protein calcium rich foods"
Shanmuga PriyaMom of 3 children3 months ago
My first challenge was my elders asking about my lactation quantity and second thing was my house hold works since my mother is a entrepreneur.. Lactation needs plenty of rest and healthy foods.. I should do all baby chores without any help and also should take care of baby so i was not able to get enough rest. I was so depressed. I used to share everything to my husband and he stood with me during my hard times.I lost my confidence about enough breastfeeding.But the one great thing that cheered up is my baby was going good through her milestones. I became confident from my baby's smile.I didn't listen to others words and concentrated in my health despite my house hold works.Now I am happy with my breastfeeding.Happy to be mom of my little bujja.Trust ur body.Have a healthy diet.Happy parenting
RiyaMom of a 4 yr 4 m old girl1 Year ago
The initial few days post delivery (37 weeks) were quite overwhelming both in a good way and sometimes not so good. The first week I had trouble feeding my baby as she preferred sleeping to getting fed. I could hardly get her to latch or suck. As a first time mom, I was sick with worry over her not getting enough nutrition. It all turned out fine in the end; took us about a month to get into a routine. My suggestion for new moms with breast feeding issues would be: 1. Not all moms are able to get a good milk let down post delivery. It is okay. Give your body time. You will get there. Even a few drops of colostrum per feed is good enough for a newborn. It is normal for all babies to lose a little weight post birth. Please don’t worry. It can take 1-2 months for your milk supply to adjust to the needs of your baby. And as a backup, there is always baby formula. Do not be ashamed to use it. Be patient and keep trying. I personally found eating socked methi seeds and methi water in the morning to really help with the milk supply. There is also a supplement called Galact. 2. Breast massaging and warm compress goes a long way to ease engorged breasts. Massage in small circular motions from the tops of your breast, gradually moving towards the nipples. Focus more on areas that feel tight. Warm compress helps with the sore areas. Milk comes out easier if you press the areole, and the region around it towards the chest, i.e, press inwards in small circular motions. Just pinching the nipples would not be as effective and it can be painful. 3.Relax. I know it is not easy and sounds like a useless and vague advice, but keeping calm goes a long way in dealing with all the anxieties and frustrations along the way. If it is not working out, take a break, take deep breaths, calm yourself and try again after 15 mins. Your frustrations and calm are both easily communicated to your baby. Which emotion would you rather prefer? Lastly, congratulations! You are an awesome mom regardless of whether you are able to breastfeed or not.
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sitara paswanTrying To Conceive1 Year ago
1)mera jab phela delivery hua tab mera brest feeding achha tha aur over bhi hota to maine brest pump ka use karke feeding bottle me dala 🍼 2.) mere suru me milk nahi ho raha tha to brest feeding karwate waqt baby bhut roti thi to maine haldi Wale dhoodh piye aur gond ke laddu khaye jisse mera brest feeding achhe se ho paya 3) mai brest feeding ke baad ajwayen boil water use karti thi taki baby achhe se pcha paye uske baad sidha god me lekar halke hatho se sahla taki baby dkar le paye jaruri hota hai warna baby dhoodh nahi pcha pata
RAB..Mom of 2 children11 months ago
I faced many problems related breastfeeding after delivery like less milk production and because of my twins babies it was big task for feeding in those days for me then I searched and I used filip avent bottle that was very useful for me
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Shifana haiderMom of 4 children9 months ago
After my first delivery, I was very worried about not having milk.Moreover, my 2 nipples were flat. That's why my son drank formula milk.
shubhra jainMom of 3 children11 months ago
milk flow reduced after 15-20 days of pregnancy,then I used sataver-x powder suggested by my friend and got amezing result,as my milk flow is far better till now.
Vaishali TiwariMom of 2 children1 Year ago
first 2-3 days were very tough for me after birth of my daughter, but i never stop keeping her away from feeding i feel alot pain in breast those days but by thinking about my baby seeing her face could able to overcome these pain and now i am happy.
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