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karthikaTrying To Conceive3 hours ago
Undoubtedly sebamed gives optimal protection helps in skin renewal also keeps baby skin soft smooth and gives glow to skin. By using neutral pHvalue products we can avoiddehydration,irritation nd allergies of skin. Sebamed - the best 👍🏻
Garima Mittal GargMom of a 10 m old boy6 hours ago
The baby’s skin is extremely delicate. Anything unsuitable that you apply will give an instant reaction. I always seek to choose products that fit the pH value, thereby maintaining his supple skin healthy. Additionally, I highly recommend Sebamed. Your products especially rash cream has been my saviour 🎈
Dattatraya SapkalFather of a 5 m old girl7 hours ago
no comments, sebamef is the best
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Divya MangroliyaMom of 2 children8 hours ago
sebamed is best solution for baby decline skin. pH 5.5
Vandana singhMom of a 11 m old girl19 hours ago
All Sebamed products maintain a pH value of 5.5. Babies are born with a skin pH value of 7. The acid mantle which protects the baby’s delicate skin takes upto 3 months to develop, the pH of the skin then becomes 5.5. pH neutral products are not a friend of your baby’s skin. Any pH value other than 5.5 can severely damage sensitive skin. pH 5.5 leads to softer ,smoother and healthier skin, helps in skin renewal and imparts a healthy glow to the skin and propects skin from infections. To protect & maintain your baby’s smooth, supple skin, all Sebamed products ensure a strict sustainability of the pH value 5.5.I personally choose sebamed for my baby's skin it made her skin more softer,smoother and healthier..
PratikshaExpecting Mom due this month11 hours ago
pH 5.5 is best suitable
AniruthMom of a 5 m old boy22 hours ago
ph 5 to 5.5
AniruthMom of a 5 m old boy22 hours ago
As a mom I carefully check all the products that I use or give to my baby . one of the trusted brand I use from day 1 till now is only and only sebamed . coz for babies the ph values I'll be around 5 to 5.5 so the creams , wash, lotion should be checked and selected carefully for the loved one from head till toe. shampoo, body wash, lotion creams etc. No compromise for my baby..
sujata mondalMom of a 1 yr 6 m old boy22 hours ago
every New born baby skin is sensetive and dalicate. i am a new mom so i can under stand which product use my baby , i use many products result my baby has rashes and skin infaction,harse camecles baby skin damage,then i got a seba made products, a healthy skin pH of 5.5,and seba made . seba made products made of no camecles and ph baby skin suits very well ,and looking healthy i use seda made products. thank you
RafsanaMom of a 6 m old girl23 hours ago
i was checked the ph of sebamed it is good for babys skin ph5.5
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