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KavithaGuardian of a 2 yr 1 m old boy3 hours ago
Dey Nuts Powder
Harshita SinghMom of 2 children4 weeks ago
For my little one my mil made a sabudana and dry fruit mix which can be used for a month: Roast small sized sabudana, cool down make powder n keep aside, shallow fry dry fruits in ghee n make powder now mix sabudana n dry fruit, now you can make halwa of this mix, very nutritive and healthy😊
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p d ChothaniMom of a 1 m old boy1 day ago
banana,apple& dryfruit
komal thapaMom of a 9 m old boy1 week ago
actually i dont have any good knowledge about it . Can any tell me about it for my 8 months old boy.
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SonamMom of 3 children5 days ago
Banana shake is very healthy for babies u can add ghee and dry fruits on it.. it tastes yummy 😋 and also very helpful to gain weight
ShaziaGuardian of a 1 yr 1 m old girl3 weeks ago
u can give wheat harir also wid almond a grind some alnonds take half a cup of wheat flour 3 tsp almond powder put 1 tsp ghee then almond powder, wheat flour rost them for a light brown colour keep a aside then put little sugar, jaggery or salt put water as per consistency put it on stove stir well & give it to ur lill one's r toddlers
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Shikha ChaudharyMom of 2 children2 weeks ago
make a smoothie including banana+avacado+blueberries with a spoon of honey it really works.. apart from that include good fat in ur baby's diet such as desi ghee.. make upma full of veggies..if ur baby doesn't like veggies or younger to chew them then blend all the veggies including carrot,red bell pepper,green beans or whatever you have in ur kitchen.. it will give all the nutrients to ur baby🙂👍
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princiMom of 2 children1 week ago
meri daughter kuchh khati hi nahi h aur weight b bahut kam h
Jagritee singhGuardian of a 5 yr old boy2 weeks ago
"rap" gujrati dish is very healthy for tiny babies...take small spoon of ghee add half tea spoon of wheat flour mix it in low flame then add water and put some good quality jaggery...after one boil cool down it and feed to ur will give only in morning empty stomch of babies..
SubhasishGuardian of a 3 m old boy1 week ago
soyabean...pulses...egg ,chiken,rice,cereals, sweetpatato,....
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