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ChikkuGuardian of a 4 m old boy47 mins ago
carrot and betroot
ChikkuGuardian of a 4 m old boy47 mins ago
carrot and betroot
priyankaMom of a 3 yr old boy1 hour ago
fenugreek seed water(soked overnight)
Payal VermaMom of a 4 m old boy1 hour ago
sbse jruri water milk juice saunf jeera papaya carrot
Zarin BanoMom of a 2 m old boy19 hours ago
nurse as per demand. flow of milk automatically will increase. its science. nothing to worry. drink water before each feeding.
ShyluMom of 2 children1 week ago
My diet- methi water in the morning, oats porridge,vegetables, gond ladoo, methi ladoo, jeera water, and cooked garlic in milk so sufficient milk production for my 4 month old baby and actually she z overweight also
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SigmaMom of a 3 m old girl1 day ago
Chellamani RMom of a 2 yr 2 m old boy1 Year ago
In reply to Mekala Ramesh
I am a new Mom. I used to have following foods in a regular basis as much as possible. My baby was born with the weight 2.340 kgms. Now, he is 7 weeks and gained pretty much good weight (4.250 kgms) . Hence recommending the below foods to all the new mom's. 1)Milk twice a day 2) Fennel seeds - you can take Fennel as a form of A) greens or else B) soak 1 tbs spoon of Fennel seeds every night and in the morning, add two cups of water boil in medium flame until the water reduces 1 cup add 1 tbl spoon honey in it(optional). Have it. 3) Anise water - Take 1 tbs spoon of anise and do the same procedure mentioned above instead of sugar you can add salt and have it. 4) Egg 5) Garlic - It is a good source to increase milk production. I will take in two form. A) peel handfull of garlic cloves and boil it with 1 cup of milk. Then will have the boiled garlic and drink the milk too. It will be super aromatic to drink. B) Just in the frying pan, pour some oil and I will fry it, until it turns golden brown. This as well will be delicious. If you bored with first option, you can try this option. C)Take in the form of Garlic chutney, Sambar, rice 4) Juice Recipe : pomegranate+beetroot+Carrot+ amla+dates+ apple+mint leaves(refreshing agent). Will take small quantity of each and make a juice add natural honey or sugar if you want. This will remove the toxics from the body and will help to increase the complexion of the baby. 5) Home made nutrition powder mix: Ragi+wheat+Barley+green grams+black grams+pearl millet+Roasted gram+sorghum Dry roast everything and grind fine powder. A) Take 2 to 3 spoon and mix with water and strain the particles and boil it until the raw smell goes. Add 1 cup of milk, 1 pinch cinnamon powder and required amount of sugar. B) Take 2 to 3 spoon of powder and add two cups of water give a boil until the raw smell goes. Then turn off the stove give some time until it turn warm and add 1 cup of butter milk. If required you can add rice. Happy parenting...
Thank you so much for such a useful tips. where did you get these details from?
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NushiMom of a 1 yr old girl3 weeks ago
lots of water. additional fluids. avoid pickles and other spicy foods. take calcium, iron and vitamin D containing foods. fish and lean meat. fresh veggies.
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AartiMom of a 1 yr 10 m old boy2 weeks ago
makkhana kheer
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