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Nikita paliwalMom of a 1 m old boy3 weeks ago
The one who live for their in-laws without any complains n live without their own hobbies .... just like hnji maaji n bla bla,, 😄😄😉
Puneet ChoudharyGuardian of a 10 yr 2 m old girl1 month ago
Goddess of Laxmi 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Shaik faizGuardian of a 4 yr 11 m old girl2 months ago
the one who respect their in-laws and performs all their traditional rituals.
Himanshu dubeyExpecting Mom due in 1 month3 months ago
The one who live for her In-laws without any complain and with smile on her face.
Akram ShaikhGuardian of 2 children3 months ago
respect all sasural people
Shruti SalunkeMom of a 4 yr old girl10 months ago
#Someone who doesn’t demand too much of money/jewel/ comforts and adjusts to the income sources #Someone whose presence helps overall household so that the family can think of helping people who suffer outside #Someone who practices traditions very well in accordance to principles of Dharma and reminds her husband also the principles #Someone who practices holy chants / prayers regularly #Someone who doesn’t have access anger / envy / hatred / lust that can break the family
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kiranmaikennysatishMom of a 3 yr 10 m old boy6 months ago
should respect all aged people and all morals and values like ethics.
NaziyaMom of 3 children4 months ago
Bahu is sanskari until she comes running to ask yes plz..and she sits and stands on order of saas-sasur! Not everyone will get understanding saas-sasur.
Reena KausarMom of a 4 yr 9 m old boy5 months ago
a person without life
Charu AggarwalMom of a 2 yr 11 m old girl2 years ago
as per typical indian society...sanskari bahu is the lady without self respect and any opinion....jise jo kaha jaye wo sb maane...without any if or but ....who is always ready to do all household work for all the kids (father in law, monther in law, sister in law, brother in law..etc) of the family and serve them food in bed..jiske hote hue kisi ko ek kaam ko hath na lgana pde.....a lady who is for everyone but nobody is there for her...who is all alone in nkli apne log.
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